Arlington Dog and Cat Hospital

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Boarding Your Pet

Our staff understands how difficult it can be to find a trustworthy place to keep your pet while you go away. Our boarding facility is open to your pet anytime you need someone to take extra good care of your loved one, while you do what you have to do!  The best part: your mind can be at ease, because all boarders receive personal attention from our caring staff!!

We offer boarding services to pets who are current clients of our hospital. 


  • Have received a physical examination by one of our doctors within one year
  • Be up to date on vaccinations (Distemper/Parvo and Rabies)
  • A current negative testing for heartworm disease (done annually)
  • Cats have been tested for feline leukemia/ immunodeficiency virus 
  • A fecal sample (stool exam) is also required
  • Pets must  be flea and tick free

Drop off:
Pets may be dropped off and picked up during regular business hours Monday through Saturday.  If your pet is on any medication, we will make sure he or she receives their treatment.  All medicated and non-medicated boarders' stool production, urination, and appetite are recorded on their own record sheet three times a day to ensure each pet's comfort and wellness during their stay.

We do keep reservations for boarding pets.  We can fill up pretty quickly, especially during holidays. So be sure to reserve your spot when you know your dates! There is staff here everyday of the week to feed, clean, and care for the hospitalized and boarding pets. There is also a doctor or veterinary technician at the clinic daily to care for the pets. Dogs are taken out 3 times daily into an indoor run area where they'll get a chance to stretch out and do their necessities while we tidy up their cages. Cats are also attended to 3 times daily and their litter boxes are checked and cleaned as often or more. 

Check in:
When you check your pet in, we'll ask you a few questions so we can settle your pet in appropriately.  Some of these questions include the dates your pet will be boarding, the food you would like us to feed your pet during his/her stay, if your pet needs to be medicated while boarding, and if you would like us to bathe your pet. (There is an extra fee for a bath.)

Most importantly, we will ask you for contact information.  We will need a viable phone number where we can reach you and an emergency contact for the duration of your pet's stay with us. Click here to upload and fill out a boarding form for each pet at your convenience at home! Just print it and bring it with you at check in!

We offer our boarders Science Diet dry and canned adult maintenance food. The other diets that can be substituted for maintenance are as follows: growth (puppy/kitten can/dry), light (can/dry), senior (can/dry) R/D, W/D, and I/D (can only) and C/D (for cats-can/dry).   If your pet is on a special diet or will not eat the diet provided by us it's a good idea to bring your pet's own food from home.

We provide plenty of comfy blankets and comforters to our boarders.  So don't worry about bringing your own.  However, if you feel you really want to leave any personal belongings with your pet, you are welcome to. However, we are not responsible for any lost items.

If your pet has a medical condition and requires medication, please bring all medication with you.  Remember, there is an additional fee for administration of medication; please ask one of our receptionists how much it would be for your pet's particular administration or treatment. Just remember to write down every medication and directions on the boarding form you fill out, print, and bring with you, for each pet.
Vitamins and supplements are also welcome! There is no extra charge for these, but be sure to bring them with you with directions.

Diabetic Boarders:
For our diabetic boarders, we provide the insulin (exceptions: PZI insulin and Vetsulin) and syringes with needles.  There is an additional fee to monitor the sugar levels and maintain the medical record for our diabetic boarders. 

Feel free to call our office with any additional questions that are relevant to your pet's particular care or needs. 
Please fill out and refer to our diabetic boarding form for each diabetic pet before check in.

For the safety of your pet and our staff, we do not allow prong collars or collars with spikes to be left on pets in our care. You can take these collars off at the time of drop off.  As for leashes, don't worry, we have our own!